Team: Rational Creative

Role: Senior Designer 

Creative Director: Stefan Hajek

Client: Microsoft

Project Goal: Create an innovative asset that visually tells the compelling story of how Power BI changes the game for businesses by allowing stakeholders and BDM’s to easily visualize and understand data.

Design/Visual Approach: The theme will combine actual PowerBI product UI graphs and visually striking photography. These elements tell the story of how data informs the world of business. The layout and orientation relied on the imagery that was selected.
When creating this resource look book, we first had to land on a visual style that would be integrated throughout. We used this graph example and image to best showcase how we merge both mediums. 
After receiving the green light on direction, we were able to layout several pages and source appropriate imagery. The table of contents was made to look just like a PowerBI dashboard to navigate sections.
To give the reader the best experience. We created divider pages that used a mask/image treatment similar to the cover design to break up large pieces of content. 
Example page layouts using different orientations 

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